Accounting Services

The US accounting and tax preparation industry includes about 90,000 firms with combined annual revenue of $65 billion. The output of US accounting and bookkeeping services is forecast to grow at an annual compounded rate of 3.1 percent between 2007 and 2012.

Major services include tax preparation, bookkeeping and accounting, financial auditing , and tax consulting . While smaller and larger firms may have differences in what they offer to clients, document management, information security, Microsoft Office and most importantly – proprietary software - are all functions in which each firm needs full capability.

Because accounting services are considered a commodity product , sales are often made based on price. This has led some accountants to branch into information technology consulting. Establishing best practices and being fully knowledgeable on products is a surefire method to differentiate your services from the competition.

Knowledge Solutions International can help your firm. Regardless of size, we are able to provide learning solutions to your staff accountants and consultants in SharePoint for document management, Excel and Access for Database management and all other technical trainings of Microsoft. Our company is a Microsoft Gold Certified Training company with access to new technology prior to release to the public.

That means we can assist your firm in maintaining a competitive edge as you service the needs of your clients. We understand that online tax preparation requires the transmittance of very personal information over the web. We can help you put your customers at ease with preparing your firm to secure all data, both in transmission and storage.

Also, as your firm assists new startups businesses, we can help you package all of your services to provide opportunities to sell strategic planning and other consulting services.

The Professional Services of Knowledge Solutions International can also be of great use to your organization. Our Solutions Advisors have experience integrating new regulations into applications systems. Specifically, we have worked with firms and their proprietary software – both in creation and implementation. With our experience, we understand the accuracy needed to incorporate the frequent changes in government regulations.

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Banks and Credit Unions

The US banking system includes about 8,000 commercial banks, 1,400 savings banks, and 10,000 credit unions, with combined annual revenue of more than $600 billion. The output of US banks and credit unions is forecast to grow at an annual compounded rate of 3.9 percent between 2007 and 2012.

There has been a relatively flat growth of jobs in commercial banking, yet the volume of banking business increased substantially.

A strategic investment in computer technology has made this possible.

This ongoing investment in technology creates a need for banks to periodically upgrade and replace their equipment to remain competitive. Sophisticated computer systems are essential for processing core transactions, for operating ATM networks and Internet sites, and for analyzing operations. With the boom in internet banking, many of these systems can decrease the number of customer service personnel required and eliminate some mailing expenses.

These new technologies have also allowed banks to eliminate many positions. Economies of scale have driven consolidation and the many mergers and acquisitions require banks and credit unions to continually invest in computer and communications technology.

Knowledge Solutions International has experience implementing highly effective training strategies to create a stable work environment as technology continues to move forward. The advancement in industry technology shows a strong need for well managed learning solutions to keep staff up to date.

The Solutions Advisors at Knowledge Solutions International can help identify the specific needs of your financial institution. Our highly effective training reduces turnover of clerical staff, tellers, and manual laborers.

How prepared are you to train your company as major technology investments are made in security, risk management, wealth management software, and electronic payment technologies.

As the volume of Internet Commerce continues to increase, Knowledge Solutions International can help your company meet the requirements for Electronic Fraud and Identity Theft regulation. Furthermore, we can help train staff in operating real-time backup systems with up-to-date data that can provide continuity of services during any emergency. Both natural and manmade disasters that have rendered bank computer operations centers inoperative are not emergencies when staff is prepared.

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Consumer Finance

It is roughly estimated that 5,000 companies in the US engage primarily in making personal loans to consumers, with combined annual revenue of about $40 billion. The output of US credit cards and finance companies, which includes consumer finance, is forecast to grow at an annual compounded rate of 5.7 percent between 2007 and 2012.

The industry's rapid growth in recent years has created a shortage of experienced credit and collection personnel. Computer systems now handle many credit risk functions.

Technological innovations unleashed a cycle of new growth opportunities. Consumer Finance companies use websites to market to customers and prospects, and to promote new services such as nonconforming mortgages and co-branded offerings. Online tools are also now available to customers for debt management. Collections programs are also used to monitor payments, predict delinquencies, and to provide information to assist collections agents in tracking the payee.

While still relatively small because many potential customers have no Internet access, consumer loans made over the web are a large potential market - many customers dislike visiting company offices. Sophisticated software programs are taking over the functions of a credit analyst and technology is driving all financial markets to an infrastructure with less staff and more e-commerce.

How prepared is your firm to move with technology?

Knowledge Solutions International has helped firms prepare for the next step. As a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner, we have access to new software and programs months before their release to the public market. Also, our Professional Services team has helped companies design proprietary software, develop a training program to teach to their employees and execute that training.

No company can afford a poor grasp on the newest industry specific software. At Knowledge Solutions International, we implement our clients with a learning solutions maintenance program so the technology advances do not slow down business. For example, while sophisticated programs streamline scoring a credit application, what steps are you taking to process and manage it over time?

The paperwork will continue to decrease as more and more documents are submitted online. Knowledge Solutions International can help your organization with document management and information security. We can also help your company implement training to keep employees up to date with the variety of changing regulations for the industry.

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Hedge Fund Management

The US hedge fund industry includes about 9,000 companies with combined annual revenue of $60 billion. Almost all hedge funds are private companies. The output of US funds, trusts, and other financial vehicles, an indicator for hedge fund firms, is forecast to decrease at an annual compounded rate of 2.3 percent between 2007 and 2012.

Hedge funds use computer technology extensively, both to analyze information to devise an investment strategy and to execute trades. Funds may have large and ongoing investments in computer and communication equipment. Funds that trade heavily may be connected directly to trading systems.

Many hedge funds depend on sophisticated data analysis to identify and execute those investment strategies. In some cases, analysis is via packaged software that examines trends and other statistical measures. Some funds create their own analytical systems and have a large staff of programmers and analysts.

How does your firm implement training for the analytical systems and proprietary software used in your investment strategies?

Knowledge Solutions International has helped firms manage these continuing investments in technology. Our Professional Services team can match the needs of your firm with the best solution available.

The Internet has become a medium for hedge funds to introduce themselves to potential investors.

Some hedge funds follow a strategy of rapid securities trading that requires fast connections to trading exchanges. Such funds may have direct links to computerized trading systems via their broker, and may have large investments in computer systems to execute trades automatically. Some funds have back-up trading systems at another location in case of a local communications failure.

The amount of money hedge funds manage has grown rapidly in recent years. The Federal Reserve estimates that hedge fund assets grew from $400 billion in 2000 to $1.4 trillion in 2006; the number of hedge funds grew from 3,000 to 9,000.

As some funds limit their size; others want to grow to be able to participate in larger investments.

As your firm grows, our team can help your organization effectively manage and oversee all information. Information must be flawlessly managed, secured and backed-up at each firm. Classes on SharePoint, data back-up and retrieval, and managing documents are just a few of the many solutions we provide.

» Our Solutions Advisors can assist in developing best practices to manage the information and technology at your firm. Please call us at 888-545-0010 or email for some helpful information.

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Investment Banking

The investment banking industry in the US is comprised of fewer than 2,000 companies, with combined annual revenue of about $110 billion. It is forecast to grow at an annual compounded rate of 3.3 percent between 2007 and 2012.

Investment banks constantly seek new product lines compatible with their core banking business, creating a need for fully trained and able bodies in their IT department. Along with these new product lines, IT staff have been dealing with stabilizing infrastructure and information management as investment banks continue merging with other types of financial institutions to expand their offerings.

Investment banks need to use cutting-edge communication and computing technology to support their operations. Dedicated, fully redundant, high-speed networks interconnect all major offices (domestic and foreign). Computing facilities and critical data are distributed among operations and backup sites. Backup facilities can be placed in service automatically in real-time without loss of data.

Knowledge Solutions International has guided numerous investment firms as they transition with technology. Dedicated networks provide banks maximum flexibility to operate data communications for all major branches operations. With a majority of banks dealing with millions to billions per day any breach in operations due to computer or network problems will cost millions.

Computing, networking, and display technologies have been changing rapidly for the last several years. Knowledge Solutions International has access to top of the line and the most current technologies. Our instructors know the newest technologies from top to bottom.

Document management and information security remain vital components to uninterrupted continuity of operations during and after failures or disasters of any type. Multiple levels of communications, servers, and user operations facilities must be in place, have current files, and be ready to use.

All systems must have sufficient capacity to serve all corporate needs under extremely stressful conditions and support volume orders that are greater than normal. After natural and man-made disasters are reported, large increases in trading volumes can rapidly occur on a national basis. Trading positions must be accessible and continue to function and execute as long as the markets remain open or the bank will suffer a loss of investors.

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Mutual Fund Management

The US mutual fund management industry includes fewer than 1,000 companies with combined annual revenue of $100 billion. The output of US funds, trusts, and other financial vehicles is forecast to decrease at an annual compounded rate of 2.3 percent between 2007 and 2012.

Mutual fund managers rely heavily on computer systems to manage portfolios and make trades, analyze and implement investment strategies, ensure regulatory compliance, and provide accounting and reporting to investors. Internet sites are an important tool for sales to investors.

The Internet has become an important source of sales for mutual funds, and investors can manage their mutual fund investments through the website of their mutual fund management company, without broker intervention. A younger generation of investors demands good Internet service.

Mutual fund management firms must have resources allocated to technology. How important the Internet has become only shows how computer systems are at the heart of mutual fund management, and must often be improved to meet new demands.

Knowledge Solutions International works with all companies in the financial industry in establishing a foundation of educated and up to date staff to efficiently manage its technology. We are a Microsoft Gold-Certified Partner giving us access to technology before it hits the market. With so much riding on technology, what policies does your company have in place to guarantee seamless transitions?

In addition to the technology needs, the various operational tasks associated with mutual fund management, such as sales, administration, and reporting, require expertise in investments and regulations. Fund management companies must provide initial training for new employees and then keep them abreast of changes in regulations and investment practices.

How does your organization handle continuous need for training? The Professional Services team at Knowledge Solutions International has developed content and implemented training for all types of financial institutions.

The capability for the continuous re-pricing of mutual fund shares depends on constant monitoring and capture of live prices for all securities held. New regulatory proposals often focus on more reporting of mutual fund activities. Many fund management companies use proprietary computer systems that must be adapted to such new tasks.

Mutual fund managers depend heavily on computer systems to trade securities, monitor positions, and produce reports. Some fund management companies operate their own computer systems, while others contract the work to specialists. A breakdown in the integrity of their computer system would create serious problems for fund managers.

Our Solutions Advisors are here to discuss options for your firm. Please call 888-545-0010 or email for more information.

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Venture Capital

The US venture capital industry includes about 900 companies with combined annual investments of about $26 billion and over $250 billion of investments under management. The output of US funds, trusts, and other financial vehicles, an indicator for venture capital firms, is forecast to increase at an annual compounded rate of 2.3 percent between 2007 and 2012.

Demand is driven primarily by the pace of technological innovation and the number of companies created to commercialize new technologies. Software and life sciences are the two largest market sectors for venture capital investment.

Emerging technologies drive most venture capital investment opportunities. The pace of innovation is driven, in large part, by university research funded by the federal government. In 2006, the federal government allocated about $20 billion to university research in the life sciences, engineering, environmental, computer science, and math fields. More than 80 percent of venture capital investments are made in companies dependent on technology from these fields.

The rapid pace of innovation in these fields creates numerous opportunities for start-up companies, but also makes predicting which companies and technologies will be successful more difficult for venture capital firms.

How does your firm make decisions on investments for emerging technologies? Although opportunities may arise from purchased research, training companies can be leveraged as a consistent information source for these large future investments. Unique, strategic relationships are what keep venture capital firms relevant, and more importantly, competitive.

Knowledge Solutions International is an unlimited resource for the future investments of your firm. Our strategic relationships with Microsoft and other technology companies are useful as we continue to train companies in new technologies and software. These partnerships keep us and our clients informed as to the emerging technologies needed to remain competitive in respective industries.

Our Solutions Advisors will work closely with the one or two individuals in your venture capital firm who are technically astute about the investment spaces the companies have chosen. Knowledge Solutions International can work out schedules with these important individuals so they can maintain the growth of technology within their knowledge.

During due diligence, these individuals are charged with examining the systems, processes, tools, and qualifications of technical staff. How will this best be managed? The ability to match the market opportunity with the underlying technology of the company's products is critical to making the right investment choice. Firms can not afford to make mistakes in this realm and must able minds confirming these large investments in technology.

Coaching and mentoring less-experienced technology managers can lead to efficiency gains and quicker times to market. Please contact one of our Solutions Advisors today at 888-545-0010 or email for more information.

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