WEDnetPA Over 1 Million Workers Trained

WEDnetPA is an alliance of educational providers across Pennsylvania — including State System universities, community colleges and other educational providers — that acts as a delivery mechanism for workforce training grants. Each provider, known as a WEDnetPA partner, serves as the point of contact for businesses accessing these training funds.

Qualified in-state businesses and out-of-state companies relocating to Pennsylvania can access funding for a wide range of training (categorized as either Essential Skills Training or Advanced Technology Training).



Basic Skills (BS) training now becomes
Essential Skills (ES) training

Beginning in FY 2014-15, WEDnetPA will refine our approach by refocusing our “Basic Skills training” to a more job-skill-related “Essential Skills training.” The intent is to direct our investment to training that is specifically and directly skill-building. By definition, eligible training must directly impact the skills required for the employee’s job.

Targeted industries for ES funding remain unchanged … manufacturers and technology-based businesses. However, a “technology-based” business will be redefined as follows:

One that produces or provides a technology product or service. Simply using technology in the process will not make a company eligible for Essential Skills training.

Information Technology (IT) training now becomes
Advanced Technology (AT) training

With the introduction of new technologies and processes, manufacturing has advanced into a more automated, digital and high-tech environment. To respond to these changes, WEDnetPA will refocus our “Information Technology training” to a more encompassing “Advanced Technology training.”  The intent is to more completely address the advanced technology in manufacturing and the expanded skill sets it requires.

This approach will more effectively respond to manufacturers’ training needs in areas like advanced machine operations and maintenance, mechatronics, robotics, and advanced materials. Within the manufacturing setting, it will also include other advanced jobs and skill sets associated with science, technology, engineering and math.




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